Embrace The Wretched Flesh

by Of Feather And Bone

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released September 18, 2015

Recorded by Andy Patterson at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, UT
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege
Track 9 vocals recorded by Nick Nodruft at Rusty Sun Studios
Art by Dylan Garrett Smith & Crystal Lee Lucas
Layout by Dylan Garrett Smith


all rights reserved



Good Fight New Jersey

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Track Name: Ordained In Fire
I’m ordained, bound and formed in fire
Reverence in all your heresy
As I bestow my pestilence
I’m free from all your binds
I bear your sin and I bear your blood
Drive me back into your womb
For I no longer have your love
Lay waste burned in flesh
Torment! Torn Down! Deafening!
Bereft of all humanity
I survive to watch you fade
Wrought and Beaten
Born of nothing
Adorn in their pain
Track Name: Calloused Embrace
Cast into this rotten body
The stench and ware of your pale eyes
Left to lead down an endless road
I peel the skin from my feet
What I have is no longer yours
Feed my body to the wolves
Here my child, you are nothing
Here my curse, you are free
Feed the flame of touch
Drag me through your grace
Pain is my aimless side
Bleed them dry
The weak
False judgment of lies
Consume upon their flesh
Feed on the scraps of you
Left with your waste
Branded with my hate
Track Name: Confined Violence
Embrace neglect
Cause you pain
Reject your lies
Diseased, the light is your deceit
The blade runs deep into my hand
The wreckage of your delusional life
Engulfed by the dark
Pick your bones clean of all their worth
Mock your silent and painful prayers
Contempt for you| Confined Violence
Dull thoughts
Blood shot
Confined Violence
Burnt into your skin
Disfigured desperate cries
Abandoned with my grief
Track Name: You Alone Will Suffer
Condemn the god
From all you are
Turn your eyes from the light of grace
That’s been forced upon you
The false and deathless proclaim of life
To walk blindly away from the fragments of our doubt
Let me rot
Free from binds
That kept me close to you
You stay bound and tied
Worship in your own lies
All you know
Lay your head down
Wound, opened wide
From me
Kingdom burnt down by my fucking hands
Track Name: Proclaim Of Hate
Conceived by blinded faith
Decay is where I’m from
Nothing from nowhere
The child bore from filth
Burdened is the namesake that I carry through my life
Diseased ridden carcass left to feed the worms
I, the forsaken mistake
Deserted left for dead
Deprived is the path laid out for me
This, my proclaim to hate
I’m nothing more than a poor decision made
You left me with the foolish hope there’s salvation left for me
Now I know the truth, perdition is my path
On my knees
Your tortures through
True Abuse
Confined depression
Born of the dark
Dragged into this hell
Drive the knife into your womb
Track Name: The Deafening Call
Calming punctures against the withered flesh
We refrain from their bitter tongues
Courting the mortis of their scorn
The words I crave as I lose control
Place the clotted mass within
Caress my broken bones
Cross your palms, drive the nail deep
Let my presence flow like blood
As I scent the corpse within
Deafening my ears with deceit
Cling to me
Tear the flesh away
I’m now your shallow grave
Drive the needle into my eye
Crush the ribs that surround my lungs
Rip the scalp clean from my skull
Drain my blood into the ground
The light fades as my truth has come
The call has been made
The herd is dead
Now we feed the rats
Let them bloat
Behold the chord
Giver of the life decomposed with filth
Retreat within my hate
Bind me to my void
Infect the moral artery
Track Name: Bound To Guilt
I’m your son of light
Feel the poison run through your veins
No chance
Descend to me
Unto this world
Savior belief
Burn the throne
Bring upon
Consume thy flesh
Ruins of shattered faith
Can’t suppress the dormant dark
Bled out, the veins are dry
Barely breathing, hardly living
Embrace the worthless flesh
Embrace the wretched flesh
Feel me, take my hand
Feel me, feel nothing
Exalt, risen pain
Exalt, death remains
Track Name: Ignore Their Remorse
Chained down by death
Hanging by my own rope
Release my scorn upon all your beliefs
Caress and mourn
My blasphemy awaits
Wretched I’ve emerged
Decomposed and condemned to life
Blistering wounds that cover my hands holding tightly to you
I’m free from your grasp
Let me rot, to help me disappear
Embrace your death
I’m free from your thoughts
Let me rot, to help you disappear
Tomorrow I will be free
No one to save me
Keep your endless thoughts for me
My end is here
Track Name: The Profane
Vile Flesh
Held so close
Sealed within
Nails protrude
As the brittle bones break
With your disgust
The throes born unto thee
Solemn hate
Perverse, given light
Profane and Depraved
The dark
Profane and Flawed
The wretch’s womb
Ripped, deserted
Proclaim of hate
Conceived in flames
Track Name: Existence Through Hatred
My body will burn
Cleansing the blood from my eyes
Eternal Violent, glare upon you
Poisoning from the inside out
Forever scraping and pulling at the fibers of your womb
Punished by existence
The first breath is my plague
Run the knife into your side
Release me, I am born
Fading violence
Not for you
Dragged into this life
Ascending from decay
Be now by my side
I’m your burden now
Abandoned in the light
Purity in death
My ceaseless debt in constant stasis
Ripped out nails, stripped to my bones
I am silence| I am absence
In you, I see me
I’m the result of desperate fear

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